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Below you will find the current list of Chihuahuas by region who are in need of a loving home. 

11.  Mutts4rescue
Contact: Bethany

Web Site:
Mutts4rescue is a group of volunteers dedicated to saving dogs whose only fault is being homeless. All of our dogs are up to date on age appropriate vaccinations, spayed/neutered (required), heartworm negative and have been deemed healthy by a vet.


  1. Lupe
    Contact: Michael
    Kingwood TX 77339

    Lupe is a 6 year old healthy chihuahua. She has luxating patella in both knees and is in need of surgery. The estimate is near $3000. I cannot afford this and do not want to put her down. She is sweet, well behaved, potty trained and good with people.


  1. Furever After Rescue Society
    Contact: Liz
    Calgary Ab

    Web Site:
    Furever After Rescue Society is a non-profit organization based in Calgary, AB dedicated to the rescue of dogs from high kill shelters, disasters, neglect and other tragic situations from Canada and the US. All our animals for adoption receive a full health check, spay/neuter and are then placed in a caring foster home where they are socialized and trained visit our site at


  1. Bismarck Animal Rescue
    Contact: Deanna
    1478 Hwy 7
    Bismarck AR 71929
    Phone: 501-865-1326

    Web Site:
    We are a small nonprofit rescue group in Bismarck, Arkansas. We rescue, foster, and re-home dogs and cats. Each animal will be spayed or neutered while in our care, to prevent any additional unwanted animals. Almost all of the dogs that we take in are pure bred. Our adoption fees for cats usually run $30 & dogs between $50-$150. Feel free to contact me to see what we have available! Thanks!


  1. Sixth Day Animal Rescue,Inc
    Contact: Forrest Massey
    4200 Poppell St
    Lamont fl 32336
    Phone: 850-556-9695
    Fax: 850-584-3237

    Web Site:
    Sixth Day Animal Rescue is dedicated to rescuing homeless, abandoned and unwanted animals from high kill shelters throughout the Unitied States. We enoucrage spay-neuter of all pets and urge all states to pass spay-neuter laws that will help prevent litters of unwanted puppies. We strongly urge adoption rather than breeding of unwanted puppies. We rescue all small breed dogs. Save a Pet - ADOPT!!


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