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Below you will find the current list of Chihuahuas by region who are in need of a loving home. 

    1. Rilo
      Contact: Karen Comer
      9911 Waving Fields Drive
      Houston Texas 77064
      Phone: 713-292-4922

      Rilo is a sweet long hair puppy

    1. Barkaritaville
      Contact: Beth Moore
      Meihls Manor
      Elmwood TN 38560
      Phone: 615-310-8849

      Web Site:
      Barkaritaville has been operating for more than a year now in the middle TN area. We are listed on Petfinder and 1-800-Save-A-Pet websites. We operate solely on a foster-home basis. We have placed 26 dogs in forever homes in four states in the first quarter of 2007. Please call us at 615-310-8849 for assistance finding the dog of your dreams!


    1. Shana Love to snuggle all breed Rescue
      Contact: Shana Garner
      2724 Oliver Springs
      Van Buren AR 72956
      Phone: 4794141645

      Ive loved animals my entire life and love to save the dogs that nobody else takes the time and effort to save. Most were house pets (usually unneutered males) that got away from owners, dumped dogs captured and scheduled to be PTS and Puppy Mill dogs. These dogs are usually so glad to be shown love they are so devoted to you for saving them that they bond to you and love you unconditionally.


    1. Stickneys Toy Breed Rescue / Retirement Sanctuary
      Contact: Mary Stickney
      5675 S.W. 42nd rd
      Cortland ne 68331
      Phone: 402-613-4306

      Web Site:
      I have dogs under 20 pounds , ex-puppy mill dogs , seniors , strays , owner surrenders of many breeds


    1. Amite Adopt a Rescue (AARF)
      Contact: Fran Kraus
      60681 Dogwood Lane
      Amite LA 70422
      Phone: 985-748-4027
      Fax: 985-748-4028

      AARF is a small rescue operation located in my home in Amite, LA. Puppies are rescued from the local kill shelter or from the streets. They are treated for illness or injury; vaccinated, altered and vetted. They are trained in basic manners such as leash, heel, sit, come, down and housebroken. Last year I rescued 60 animals. Adoption fees are $175 for dogs and $75 for cats plus transportation fee.


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