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Below you will find the current list of Chihuahuas by region who are in need of a loving home. 

  1. Chihuahua Rescue, USA

    Web Site:
    Chihuahua Rescue focuses on the midwest region of the United States. We work tirelessly to place lost, abandoned and surrendered Chihuahua and Chihuahua mixes into loving and responsible homes. We are an all-volunteer rescue, transport, foster and adoption group. Thank you for considering adopting!

  1. Pet Haven Rescue
    Murrieta ca 92563
    Phone: 951-698-0940

    Web Site:
    Pet Haven Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization founded in Murrieta, California 2004. Pet Haven Rescue is an all-volunteer organization. We do not have an "office", nor do we have paid staff. All volunteers have full-time jobs and spend their evenings and weekends rescuing dogs and cats from the animal shelters and caring for them in our homes. Our rescued pets are kept in our homes as members of our families. Adoption fees and donations are the sole support of our all-volunteer, non-profit organization.


  1. Quixote Humane
    Contact: Quixote Humane
    PO Box 1285
    Peralta NM 87042
    Phone: 505-304-3384
    Fax: 505-869-2397

    Web Site:
    We specialize in Chihuahuas however we usually have other breeds as well. All our dogs have been altered, vaccinated (3 yr rabies on most, 5 way, and bordetella), heartworm tested and on preventative, and have had any other ailments/injuries taken care of. We do usually have about 60+ dogs in our care at any given time. We only adopt in NM-Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Los Lunas.


  1. SuAnn
    Contact: SuAnn Zenzel
    1216 Oak St.
    Bloomsburg PA 17815
    Phone: 570-204-1332


  1. Smaller Paws & Pom Rescue
    Contact: Jo Norris
    North Manchester IN 46962

    Web Site:
    We are dedicated to rescuing Pomeranians and other small dogs. We will take med. to large dogs when we have the room. They are spayed/neutered and completely vetted before adoption. It is our attempt to help reduce the huge pet overpopulation problem.



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